Fun with Chess Therapeutics | FwC Community Services, Inc.

Introducing Fun with Chess Therapeutics

Unlock the potential of your students with Fun with Chess Therapeutics, a groundbreaking program designed to address psychosocial, academic, and behavioral difficulties in marginalized communities. As elementary school principals, you have the power to transform the lives of your students and create a nurturing environment where they can thrive. Fun with Chess Therapeutics, offered by FwC Community Services Inc., a licensed 501c3 affiliate of Youth Development Systems, Inc., in Chicago, is here to support you in this mission.

Our Program

Our program utilizes the Fun with Chess Learning System®, a comprehensive online platform that combines chess instruction with evidence-informed interventions and creative arts techniques. By incorporating the engaging game of chess into therapy sessions, we provide a unique opportunity for students to develop crucial cognitive functions, people skills, emotional regulation, and problem-solving abilities.


Research has shown the significant positive impact of chess playing on reasoning and cognitive skills. Through meta-analysis studies, it has been demonstrated that chess can enhance perception, memory, concentration, and overall cognitive abilities. Moreover, Fun with Chess has been found to be particularly effective in addressing behavioral problems in school and at home.

Our Partner

Fam Pac, a registered mental health center in Chicago, IL, is partnering with FwC Community Services, Inc., to provide therapeutic support for this groundbreaking program.

Program Details

The program will caters to youth aged 9-17 who present with emotional challenges, conduct problems, hyperactivity, and peer relationship issues. These students often have a history of trauma exposure, and Fam Pac’s trauma-informed approach ensures their needs are addressed with care and sensitivity.

Through Fam Pac, we will offer both individual and group therapy sessions, as well as family sessions involving significant adults in the child's life. Fam Pac’s experienced therapists will conduct in-person sessions for 60-90 minutes per week over a 10-week period, with an additional two weeks for intake and screening. The program's total commitment is 12 weeks.


We will set the price Fun with Chess Therapeutics with the knowledge that cost is a crucial consideration. Our group therapeutic sessions will be priced at $80 per session, while individual therapeutic sessions will be $100 per session. Our chess instruction which meets all CPS background and insurance requirements (is also available separately) will be priced at $140.00 per group session. We aim to make our services accessible and affordable for schools and organizations serving underprivileged students. Where required we will collaborate with you to find funding.


The Fun with Chess Standard Curriculum comprises tern 90 minute lessons taught by onsite instructor including forty engaging avatar narrated videos. Each lesson includes video instruction, quizzes, and memory exercises to enhance visualization skills. Students can access the curriculum online at any time, empowering them to learn and practice chess at their own pace.

Our Approach

Our program goes beyond teaching chess strategies. Fam Pac will follow a self-regulation promotion model and trauma-informed care intervention model to address the holistic needs of the youth. Through creative and expressive arts strategies, we will help students process lessons from the chess game and apply them to real-life circumstances, promoting self-regulation skills and resilience.