FwC Community Services Hosts Free Chess Training to Teach Chicago West Students How to Think Before Acting

It is a known fact that children on Chicago’s West Side often face challenges that can negatively affect their development. To help these children learn how to think before acting, FwC Community Services, Inc (FwCCS) hosted a free chess training event called Chess Against Violence.

This fun and engaging program teaches children the basics of chess and helps them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Children learn how to develop a plan of action, think about the consequences of their actions, and make informed decisions. These skills help reduce rash and impulsive actions that may lead to violence. The program also relates chess tactics and strategies to real-life situations to develop life skills further.

The classroom for the event was provided by the JLM Center at 2622 W. Jackson, free of charge. Representative LaShawn Ford serves Illinois’s 8th congressional district, which includes Chicago’s west side. Representative Ford presented trophies and participation certificates and spoke with the students.

Relevant Black History – Students learned about the contribution that North African Moors made to the development of the game of chess (Short clip and long clip). Students also learned of contributions made by African Americans during the 1800s and 1900s and about current Grand Chess Masters with African roots.

Students had fun taking part in interactive activities that helped them understand the game of chess, how to think critically, and make good decisions. Photos and videos are available.

Ms. Davis stated, “My grandchildren enjoyed this event and are excited about playing chess. They could not stop talking about it and are looking forward to the next tournament.”

Ms. Jefferson stated, “Children learn best through play, and Chess builds discipline, focus, and patience. It also strengthens the ability to regulate emotions.

Instructor Vincent W. overcomes challenging learning situations by re-engaging students who become distracted. We will continue practicing on the (online) Fun with Chess system, and they look forward to the next FWC tournament.”  

All students who attended were given a free one-year subscription to the Fun with Chess Learning System (, so students can continue learning and playing online.

FwCCS is excited to offer this fun and educational opportunity to south and west side students. FwCCS hopes that events like this will help students become better citizens of the community. If you would like more information about the event, please contact FwC Community Services, Inc., or Youth Development Systems (Fun with Chess Learning System). Please call Ralph Jones at 800-906-9759 Ext. 1, email info@ydschess.corm, or go to